Benazir Bhutto International Airport Project (BBIAP)



The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan planned to construct new Airport at Islamabad about 20 km east from zero point of Islamabad. JEC have been involved in different stages of the project.

In first stage designing water supply system at the airport was awarded to JEC. The scope of work involved feasibility report, design report, detailed engineering design, cost estimation and tender documents. JEC studied different options for the supply of water to the airport. It included studies from the nearby Shahpur Dam after necessary and exploitation of the ground water.

Visit to the Airport Site by JEC Team

Construction of Departure Level Bridge

The environment assessment of the project was also a part of the assignment. Various options were studied and 23 km long 18 dia conductance main was designed and project PC-1 was also prepared.

Another important task was assigned to JEC was by LTH JV (Lagan Technical Habib Joint Venture) for preparing coordination drawings and shop details of various components of the project. It includes roads, parking areas, departure level bridge, culverts, access road, peripheral road, water supply, fire fighting and sewerage network. In addition water works, sewage treatment plant were also included in the scope. JEC was also worked as specialist sub consultant for design of water works air scour system for rapid gravity filters.

Construction of RAW Water Tank

Construction of Portable Water Tank

Project Briefing to the Officials of PHED and P&D Department

Water Tower Base