Projects With Earthquake Reconstruction And Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) at AJK



It was on Saturday, the 8th October, 2005 when AJK city was hit by an earthquake, which was the worst of its kind. It jolted the several cities of Kashmir and resulted in almost complete collapse of the physical infrastructure. Government of Pakistan established Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) with the objective to take up the rehabilitation works in the earthquake affected areas.

In 2008, an umbrella contract was signed between ERRA and Government of China for the rehabilitation of earthquake affected areas in AJK. According to this umbrella contract China extended a loan of US$ 300 million for the rehabilitation works. Three cities of AJK were selected for the rehabilitation purpose namely Muzaffarabd, Rawalakot and Bagh. Rehabilitation works in Muzafarabad, Bagh and Rawalakot were assigned to China International Water and Electricity Corporation (CWE) & China Xinjiang Beixin Group (CXB) are state owned contracting firms of China. The work included both, design and construction of infrastructure facilities.

Presentation to Prime Minister, AJK regarding Prime Minister House, Muzaffarabad

Finalization of Septic tank site of Rawalakot Sewerage

Since CWE major expertise lie in construction activities, therefore, it required consulting firm for the design of infrastructure facilities. JEC provided design services for the major chunk of construction works. Several projects have been approved and now in construction phase. Components of few note able projects are given here:

Greater Water Supply for Bagh City - 2 cusec water source, water treatment plant, design of 8 km 10 dia conductance main from water treatment plant to main Water Reservoir at Mori Top. The next part included laying of approx. 20 km conductance mains of different diameters from Mori Top Reservoirs to 7 existing and 8 additional reservoirs in Bagh City.

Infrastructure Development Project for Bagh City - The project included water distribution network ranging from 50mm dia to 160mm dia, 48-Km long, sewerage system of size 9 dia to 15 dia, 16-km long and drainage network 7-km long.

3D View of Guest Rooms, Community Centre, Bagh, AJK

3D View of Stadium, Sports Complex, Bagh, AJK

Rawalakot Sewerage System This project included sewerage system of size 9 dia to 15 dia - . Km long, primary sewage treatment and outfall structures

Thotha Satellite Town Planning and design of approx. 750 kanals (380,000 m2 ) satellite town with infrastructures facilities which include roads, water supply, swerage, drainage and external electrical system. Public building like schools, community center, dispensary, mosque and society office were also part of the project.

3D View of Prime Minister House, Muzaffarabad, AJK

3D View of Conference & Dinning Hall in Prime Minister House

Prime Minister House, Muzaffarabad A new official house for Prime Minister House is part of the project. This includes residential house, VVIP Guest House, Office Block, Staff and Security residences, mosque and amenities.

Sports Complex, Bagh Cricket stadium with football ground, indoor sports facility, tennis courts and allied facilities have been provided in the project

FG Public School, Bagh Secondary level school to provide educational facilities for 600 students

Presenting the Project to RCDP, NESPAK, CWE and all stakeholders of Rawalakot

3D View of Rest House, Bagh, AJK

Mutton & Fish Market, Muzaffarabad Under this project 100 small shop keepers have been accommodated who had lost their shops in earthquake of 2005 with parking facility in basement of the market

Bagh Rest House Earthquake destroyed all accommodations in public and private sectors. Bagh Rest House is an effort to accommodate officials visiting Bagh for reconstruction and development of area

Community Center, Bagh This will become a communal gathering place for the citizens

Other major projects also include:

- Sathra View Park, Muzaffarabad -

- Kotary Kandeel Public Park, Bagh

- Dhani Bus Terminal, Muzaffarabad

- Slaughter House, Muzaffarabad

- Graveyard at Muzaffarabad

- Ring Road Section III & IV at Bagh

Proposed Pressure Zones for Water Supply Distribution System in Bagh