Kasur Environmental Improvement Project



Kasur, a notable city near Lahore, spreads over an area of 4,500 acres. The city faced deterioration for last several decades and ultimately earned a bad repute for environmental degradation and poor living conditions. Need of time calls for Kasur Environmental Improvement Project.

Rohi Nullah passes through Kasur City and is the only carrier to transport sewage and storm water out of the City. Disposal of raw sewage was a major source of pollution which used to flow in the Nullah and travels through the city. The Nullah itself required remodeling due to poorly constructed bridges and encroachments along the way. Solid waste disposal and landfill site was also non existing in Kasur City. This has aggravated the situation and solid waste scatter along Rohi Nullah.

Construction of Drain, Kasur

Concreting for Slab of Cross Drain

JEC made a comprehensive study on existing situation of sewers, storm water drainage and solid waste management in Kasur City. The findings were presented in feasibility reports. The recommended options were discussed and a comprehensive project was prepared. The project included rehabilitation of 25,380 ft existing sewers, provision of 124,165 ft new sewers with 2 disposal stations. Remodeling of 6.5 km long Rohi Nullah with 6 new bridges were also part of the project. The sewage collected from the city was brought to a Sewage Treatment Plant and the effluent after treatment was planned to be used for agricultural irrigation. A 62 acre landfill site was proposed in suburbs of Kasur city to handle solid waste generation upto year 2026.

The project is near completion and environmental improvement is visible even at this stage of project. The storm water is now being disposed off from the streets and roads without submerging any residential area. Approx. 70 acres land has been reclaimed from ponds created by Rohi Nullah.

Concreting of Culvert at Rohi Nullah

Construction of Rohi Nullah in progress