Water Supply System For New Islamabad International Airport(NIIA)



The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan plans to construct new Islamabad International Airport at a site about 20 km east from zero point of Islamabad. The main object is to provide potable water to new Airport at site. The study involved Feasibility Report, Design Report, Detailed Engineering Design, Cost Estimation and Tender Documents.

JERS Engineering Consultants (JEC) study requirement was to decide the water requirement from surface water treatment from Shahpur Dam or nearby exploitation of the ground water. The study also focused for the exploration of the ground water partly and raw water filtration partly. The environment assessment of the project was also a part of the assignment.

JEC made an extensive study for the possible option of water source and most feasible route from raw water source to NIIA site. Various options were studied and 23 km long 18 dia conductance main was selected and project PC-1 was prepared.

Various Components of Water Supply System for New Islamabad Airport