Water Supply & Sewerage Systems For Pakpattan And Arifwala Cities



The Government of the Punjab, Housing Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department (HUD & PHED) has engaged JERS for resident supervision and review of design for urban water supply and sewerage schemes in Pakpattan and Arifwala city.

Water supply component of the projects involve installation of 24 tubewells, overhead reservoirs, rising mains and distribution networks from 3 dia to 12 dia pipes approximately 147 km in length. Sewerage component includes laying of sewer lines of dia 12 to 42 almost 48 km in length with 4 disposal stations in both cities.

JERS has established a fully equipped site office with qualified staff to handle the project. The site team is supported by experienced experts from head office.

Work in Progress at Disposal Station, Pakpattan

JEC made a comprehensive study on existing situation of sewer, storm water drainage and solid waste management in Kasur City. The findings were presented in feasibility reports. The recommended options were discussed and a comprehensive project was prepared. The project include rehabilitation of 25,380ft existing sewers, provision of 124,165 ft new sewers with 2 disposal stations. Remodeling of 6.5 km long Rohi Nullah with 6 new bridges is also part of the project. The sewer collected from the city is brought to a Sewage Treatment Plant and the effluent after treatment is planned to be used for agricultural irrigation. A 62 acre landfill site has been planned to be provided in suburbs of Kasur city which is capable to handle solid waste generation upto year 2026.