Khairpur Wastewater Planning Methodology, Strategic Plan and Priority Investment Program



Sindh Cities Improvement Investment Program (SCIIP) was launched by Asian Development Bank with an aim to improve water supply, wastewater management and solid waste management services in secondary cities in Sindh. The Government of Sindh entered into an agreement with ADB for the multi trenche financing facility (MFF) for Secondary Cities of Sindh.

ADB engaged JEC to prepare the Khairpur Wastewater Management Strategic Plan, Action Plan and Priority Investment Program. The study, documentation and tendering was completed in given time frame.

Khairpur Sewerage Project executed by North Sindh Urban Services Corporation (NSUSC), was one of the priority projects under which 13 disposal stations are rehabilitated with laying of gravity sewers ranging from 15 to 36 diameter and force mains of 16 diameter.

The project has been completed which not only provided safe sanitation facilities but also improved the environment of the city.

Visit of ADB team of Khairpur

Site visit with Govt. Officials and ADB members


Master Plan for Sewerage System, Khairpur