Preparation Of Strategic Master Plan Of Storm Drainage And Sewerage System For Gujranwala City



Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) is an agency of Gujranwala Development Authority (GDA) engaged Jers Engineering Consultants (JEC) for Preparation of Strategic Master Plan of storm drainage and sewerage system.

Gujranwala sewerage system caters domestic sewage and partly storm water. There is no separate storm water collection and its conveyance to the safe point. Resultantly the storm water retention in different area is 10 to 48 hours which is a big nuisance for the public.

Presentation on the project at Gujranwala

Construction of sullage Carrier at Peoples Colony

Under the project following tasks are completed:

- Integrated Master planning storm water drainage and sewerage system

- Study of the hydrology and hydro geology of catchment area / WASA area as a basis for the design of sustainable drainage system for Gujranwala city

- Master Plan documents for integrated storm water drainage system and sewerage system

Improvement of Disposal Station

Marking on Existing Sewerage System of Gujranwala at PMU office

- Topographic survey for Gujranwala city, 30,000 acres area

- Identification of feasible waste water treatment site, land requirement and salient design features. Risk assessment report of pumping stations. Strategic location for future locations of the disposal stations

- Institutional and human resources study report for implementing the Master plan

- Preparation of Blanket EIA report for sewerage and drainage for first 5 year schemes

Excavation for Jinnah Road Drain, Gujranwala

Construction of Jinnah Road Drain, Gujranwala