Power Sector



Transmission Line

View of a Grid Station

JEC is providing integrated planning and engineering solutions to today’s energy challenges. Now a days energy industry faces an unprecedented situation of declining resources. JEC, works with governments and development agencies to help them understand and meet these challenges, develop a strategic response, and to effectively manage key organizations.

We help our clients reduce energy consumption, develop renewable sources, improve grid reliability and cut emissions from fuels already in use. In addition JEC provides services in Hydel, Thermal, Wind and Solar Power generation.

We, with our International partners, have been given following task:

1. PLoan 2553-Pak: Mff0031 Energy Efficiency Investment Program Tranche 1 Feasibility Study For Tranche 2 (Diagnostic Study For Gencos), Pakistan

Internal Illumination of a Building

Internal Illumination of a Building

Road Lighting

Power Generation Through Solar Panel