Structural Design



Structural Design of Disposal Station, Fazaia Housing Scheme, Lahore

Structural Design of Overhead Water Tank, Medical Town, Lahore

Structural engineering is a field of civil engineering that deals with the design of a structural system(s) with the purpose of supporting and resisting various loads.

Structural engineers ensure that their designs satisfy a given "design intent", predicated on safety (i.e. structures do not collapse without due warning), on serviceability (i.e. floor vibration and building sway do not result in discomfort for the occupants). Structural engineers are responsible for making efficient use of funds and materials to achieve these goals.

Structural engineering is one of the oldest professions in the world. Earlier, structures tended to be a simpler and more straightforward element compared to today's standards. Nevertheless, the desire to build higher and longer structures with larger internal spaces pushed the need to formulate improved structural configurations and materials.

At JEC, we have state of the art computer softwares for highly efficient and economical structural systems meeting the requirements of our clients. Following structural projects have been undertaken by JERS.

1. AJK Urban Development Project Various buildings in Bagh & Muzaffarabad

2. Labour Colony Nankana Various buildings

3. New GHQ Complex, Islamabad

4. Alliance Health Care Hospital, Peshawar

5. Saudi Embassy, Islamabad

6. Saudi Embassy, Turkmenistan

7. Private Residential Complex (Sharma Villa), Jeddah, KSA

8. Prince Fahad Palace, Riyadh, KSA

9. Special Children School, Multan

10. Al-Russ waste water treatment plant Saudi Arabia

11. Leather factory for Cospo Agencies, Sialkot

12. Fiat Cars Showroom at Sialkot

13. Numerous branches of Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd.

14. Various buildings of Mirani Dam Project

15. Various Mosques

16. Several Overhead Water Tanks

17. Various structures (pump houses, culverts etc.) related to Infrastructure of numerous housing schemes

18. Numerous residences

Structural Design of Underground Tank, Liaqatpur

Structural Design of Alliance Health Care Hospital, Peshawar

Structural Design of Overhead Water Tank, Fazaia Housing Scheme, Lahore

Structural Design of Alliance Health Care Hospital, Peshawar