Solid Waste Management



Solid Waste Management (SWM) or municipal refuse disposal, have largely been neglected in Pakistani towns and cities. Dumping and burning of solid wastes in open pits is not encouraged now a days and waste can now be recycled. The recent trends include, waste segregation and collection at source, material recovery, environment friendly landfills etc. In fact this efficient waste management system not only complement clean environment, but it also evolve as a profitable business, creating employment and enhancing income generation opportunities for the communities involved.

JEC provides solid waste management and solution that mainly consists of onsite storage, primary & secondary collection and disposal systems. The primary stage, collection will be from the individual premises and the wastes collected from there be transferred to the communal storage containers. In the secondary stage, communal storage containers are served by motor vehicles and the wastes will be shifted to the disposal site i.e., Landfill Site (LFS). Methane can be recovered which in turn can be used in various processes.

JEC has carried out following major projects in the field of SWM:


1. Mandi Bahuddin SWM & LFS

2. Sialkot SWM & LFS

3. Slaughter House & Incinerator at Muzaffarabad

4. Serena Incinerator

5. Kasur LFS

6. Design review of 16 land fill sites in Southern Punjab

Stormwater Drain around landfill

Gas Vents and Leachate Collection System