Waters & Waste-Water Treatment



Water is the basis of life. Clean water is a necessity for the well-being of society, and equally important is the disposal and treatment of wastewater.

Method for the treatment of water and wastewater depends on the amount and initial quality of water. In addition, land and funds available are also important parameters to be considered for the selection of a particular treatment technology.

For drinking water the systems range from micron filters, activated carbon filter, pressure sand filter, softeners, demineralization plants, reverse osmosis filtration plants, ultraviolet sterilizers, ozone generators etc.

Contaminant identification/quantification and soil and aquifer characterization contribute to selecting the most cost-effective method for waste water treatment. JERS has designed projects involving wastewater stabilization ponds to most modern package treatment plants. Reuse of wastewater is also made possible and provided for some projects.

JERS has been involved in evaluation of treatment options, including conceptual design, pre-design, process design, equipment selection, preparation of capital and O&M cost estimates, commissioning and post start-up monitoring of numerous such projects. Brief list of the project is given below:


1. Wastewater reuse system for Sheikh Khalifa Hospitals at Muzaffarabad and Rawalakot, AJK

2. Sewage treatment plant for Kasur City

3. Wastewater treatment plants for following cities under Southern Punjab Basic Urban Services Project : BAHAWALPUR, YAZMAN, KHAIRPUR TAMEWALI, D.G. KHAN, ROJHAN, JAMPUR, TAUNSA, RAJANPUR

4. Sewage treatment plant for Islamabad Serena Hotel

5. Al-Russ Wastewater Treatment Plant, Saudi Arabia

6. Oil Water Separators for Schlumberger, Islamabad

Water Treatment, Serena Hotel, Islamabad

Construction of Wastewater Stabilization Ponds at Bahawalpur

Water Treatment Plant