Water & Wastewater Management


Condition of existing water treatment plant, bagh, AJK

Condition of existing water treatment plant, bagh, AJK

Finalization of Water Treatment plantsite at Hajeera, AJK

Rapid development has resulted in accelerated depletion of natural resources. It has also affected the state of environmental conditions. Depletion of sub soil water and polluted water bodies are the crises our world is facing now-a-days. Situation calls for conservation and better management of these resources. JERS is proud to be a front line partner in fighting against this threat. It has recently undertaken the following projects for the improvement of environmental conditions in the respective project area.

Greater Water Supply, Bagh City - JEC carried out design of Greater Water Supply project for Bagh city. The project included development of 2 cusec water source, water treatment plant, design of 8 km 10” dia conductance main from water treatment plant to main Water Reservoir at Mori Top. The next part included laying of approx. 20 km conductance mains of different diameters from Mori Top Reservoirs to 7 existing and 8 additional reservoirs in Bagh City.

Sewerage System for Rawalakot City – JEC being designers for CWE on Design Contract of AJK Urban Development Project, designed the sewerage system for Rawalakot City. The project included sewerage collection system, treatment and safe disposal in different drainage zones.

Water Supply & Sewerage system for Kotli City, AJ & K – The work included Feasibility study and detailed design of water supply and sewerage system.

Bulk water supply system for Dheerkot and Neelabut, AJK is one of the prestigious projects of JEC. The project involves collection, treatment and conductance of water for different Urban Councils of Dheerkot, AJK.

Construction of Screeining Chamber, Khairpur

Drain work in progress in Chichawatni

New Islamabad International Airport - JEC has carried out feasibility study and prepared PC-1 for Bulk Water Supply for New Islamabad International Airport.

Cherah and Daducha Dams - JEC prepared feasibility report for “Augmentation of Rawalpindi Water Supply System through Cherah and Daducha Dams”, and updating of PC-1s for Cherah Dam and Daducha Dam.

Water supply system for Hajeera Town, AJK – after completion of design the project is in execution stage and nearing completion.

Wastewater Pipeline for United Ethanol – The project involved 12 km long wastewater pipeline from Plant site at Sadiqabad to deserts.

Danish Schools at Chishtian, Hasilpur and Rahim Yar Khan – JEC carried out design of water supply, sewerage, treatment of wastewater through Waste Stabilization Ponds (WSP) and reuse for irrigation


JEC’s services in the field of Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) Sector have been admired by international agencies and resulted in award of following projects:

- Long Term Arrangement for WATSAN in FATA, Balochistan, Sindh, Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan - UNICEF

- Water Supply in Northern Zone AJ &K (8 Towns)


Conducting ERS of percolation wells along Poonch River, Kotli, AJK